How To Recycle old I.T. Equipment

This includes servers, PC’s, laptops, LCD screens, printers, switches, modems, cables, tablets, and phones.

What’s Your First Step?

  • Home Users – E-Waste Drop Off- 
    We are currently in the process of moving and have suspended drop offs till further notice 

          Drop Off Times:   

  • Business –  E-Waste Collection Services  
    If you are a business, corporation or government institution with surplus or redundant old I.T. equipment we have a Computer Recycling Collection service that collects computers and IT equipment from all over Melbourne. This collection service may be free depending on volume and the nature of your redundant equipment and waste requirements. Please contact us to discuss your collection requirements and/or data erasure needs.
  • For all collection enquiries please email and include some info on quantitiy and type of equipment to:

           Find out about our Certificates of Disposal

Responsible Recycling of Your I.T. Equipment

It’s easy to Recycle old I.T. Equipment. How it is recycled will depend on many aspects such as equipment:

  • age
  • type of components
  • number of components
  • initial purpose and data sensitivity

When you contact us to arrange the recycling of your equipment, find out more about our data erasure and recycling processes.
You can choose how your equipment is to be processed. Whether it is destroyed, refurbished for use by others in the community such as neighbourhood houses, low-income families, students or made available as spare parts.

E-Waste Recycling – AS/NZS 5377   IS0 14001

B2C use the services of an ISO & AS/NZS endorsed company for the recycling of our e-waste. We can therefore ensure you any of the e-waste resulting from the equipment you donate will be recycled in a secure ethical, environmentally and cost effective way.

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