Sponsor a PC/Laptop

Our Sponsor Projects

Through our Sponsor Program we provide laptops or PC’s directly to individuals and communities in need. B2C is committed to assisting local and overseas communities in need with quality refurbished IT goods. Just $50 will give a person a laptop with MS Windows 10 and other mainstream software applications. Please follow this link to Give Now.

Current projects

Kiangan, the Philippines

We are asking for donations to help fund the refurbishing and transport costs of 10 laptops to the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Kiangan. They provide essential services to children, families and people with disabilities. The office operates 38 preschools across the region, as well as a school for children with disabilities aged 5-18.

Help us support their amazing work by donating to help cover the costs of the laptops/PC’s and transportation. Donating only takes a few minutes and can be done by following this link.

The Queen’s Fund 

We provide discounted refurbished computers/laptops to applicants who receive funding from The Queen’s Fund, an organisation that provides financial aid to single women and children in Victoria who are experiencing hardship.

If you have a client who fits this criteria head to The Queen’s Fund website here.


Past projects

2017: Laptops for Camarines Sur, the Philippines

In May 2017, we provided 10 refurbished laptops to a community in need in the Philippines. The arrival of laptops is helping the delivery of literacy to people of Camarines Sur through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program which aims to facilitate learning, community engagement and improve expected outcomes of citizens disadvantaged in the education system.

The free program provides learners with tailored learning modules that are flexible depending on the student. With a high percentage of out-of-school youth and adults in Camarines Sur, the ALS aims to extend its reach beyond the urban centres and provide community access to non-formal education. We were honoured to be able to help such an amazing organisation.

2016: Samugam Foundation in Pondicherry India

The Samugam Foundation has a Melbourne connection via the Sewing the Seeds Project which raises money for marginalised women in India. We provided 10 laptops that went to a Jaly home for teenagers to be used for their schooling, and for the women’s co-op that was established as part of the Sewing the Seeds project. The purpose of the space is to set up a safe place for women to work on sustainable projects, share information and receive training.