Local Victorian Community Organisation who assist “individuals in need”


We constantly receive requests from  caseworkers who have clients that need equipment

Help support their amazing work by donating to help cover the costs of the laptops/PC’s . Donating only takes a few minutes and can be done by following this link.

I need a low cost, high quality computer

Why buy a refurbished computer? Because they are top quality machines donated by large corporates which we bring back to as-new condition and sell for a fraction of their original cost including free technical support!

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can save many lives and stop this hunger.

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B2C Recyclers is a social enterprise of The WERX Foundation, offering work experience and training to people with disabilities. We sell a range of ‘approved for reuse’ IT equipment. Each item is tested prior to sale unless otherwise advertised.

Our IT stock changes regularly – call us on 03 9005 0101 for specific items. We carry PC’s, laptops, servers and accessories, all erased and refurbished for use.

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