The Queen’s Fund

We provide discounted refurbished computers/laptops to applicants who receive funding from The Queen’s Fund, an organisation that provides financial aid to single women and children in Victoria who are experiencing hardship.

If you have a client who fits this criteria head to The Queen’s Fund website here.

I need a low cost, high quality computer

Why buy a refurbished computer? Because they are top quality machines donated by large corporates which we bring back to as-new condition and sell for a fraction of their original cost including free technical support!

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B2C Recyclers is a social enterprise of The WERX Foundation, offering work experience and training to people with disabilities. We sell a range of ‘approved for reuse’ IT equipment. Each item is tested prior to sale unless otherwise advertised.

Our IT stock changes regularly – call us on 03 9005 0101 for specific items. We carry PC’s, laptops, servers and accessories, all erased and refurbished for use.

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