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How to shop with B2C Community IT Recyclers

If you are looking for laptops, phones, tablets or other IT devices ?  

Check out our B2C SHOP IT page at our WERX Foundation website for our refurbished goods

All our products are sold to create community-based projects and opportunities and to ensure the reduction of waste in landfill.

Concession Card Holder?  Agency Support Worker ?

You can buy a refurbished laptop or desktop with Windows 10/11 at a Discounted Price

Our B2C project provides  current brand laptops, desktops and tablets, and we can supply IT equipment with Microsoft Office compatable software for concession card holders and community agencies and their clients.

Do I qualify ?

  • If you are an individual who holds a government concession card, you can purchase a discounted refurbished laptop or computer with Windows and compatable Microsoft Software installed.  Our refurbished computers are of modern spec and well known brands.  Email us for pricing.: info@b2crecyclers.com.au
  • Community Agencies can buy on behalf of clients.  Contact us for a quote : info@b2crecyclers.com.au

Also, check our our ebay store for more IT accessories, parts, and refurbished goods.