About B2C

B2C Community IT Recyclers

B2C Community IT Recyclers  is a ‘social enterprise’ of The WERX Foundation Inc, a non-for-profit charity that is focussed on the recycling and refurbishment of donated, discarded or unwanted IT goods, and their re-marketing and re-deployment through its IT projects into communities in need.

As a community enterprise, we offer work skills and training to people marginalised by disability but seeking to become job-ready, as well as volunteer opportunities for people seeking work experience.  Our teams work with unwanted IT goods donated through businesses, and refurbishing these to provide valuable low-cost  IT resources for agencies supporting disadvantaged people in our community.  

B2C handles the collection and processing of all forms of e-waste and redundant IT equipment.  We recycle regardless of  age, specification or condition (working, non working includinfg the following:

  • computers big and small
  • servers
  • all forms of IT equipment
  • IT peripherals (cables, discs, software)
  • all digital equipment (iPads, iPods, tablets )
  • Office printers and cartridges

E-Waste Recycling – AS/NZS 5377   IS0 14001

B2C use the services of an ISO & AS/NZS endorsed company for the recycling of our e-waste. We can therefore ensure you any of the e-waste resulting from the equipment you donate will be recycled in a secure ethical, environmentally and cost effective way.

The Team

We (our dedicated team of volunteers, employees and trainees) work hard to prevent large scale redundant IT equipment, as well as domestic e-waste from entering our landfills.  We clean, data-wipe and repair donated equipment so it can be transformed from waste to valuable resources for communities in need. Your donation is our livelihood.  We do not receive government funding. We are a self-funded recycling charity that is only able to achieve this unmatched social and environmental contribution through your donation of redundant IT equipment.

The WERX Foundation is a registered not for profit organisation that has Deductible Gift Recipient registration with the Australian Taxation Office (ABN: 51299267395). Any financial donations over $2 to the organisation can be tax deductible.

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