A project by B2C Community IT Recyclers.

What is Still In The Box ?

As part of our commitment to reducing waste and eliminating landfill, our Still In The Box Project re-markets donated Shop Returns –  ‘ex display’ and ‘change of mind’, as well as ‘end-of-line’ items.  These are sorted, checked and tested for quality and user value.  Goods that are still in their original packaging, with all advertised parts and paperwork, are made available at greatly reduced pricing through our eBay store as “Still In The Box” STIB.

Sometimes a product box might be scuffed, torn or stickytaped as an ex-display, or a component missing. Other times units might need to be checked as ‘working’,  or if it is a laptop or tablet, there might be a need for Windows reload.  

WHATEVER THE ISSUE : We make sure:

  • the goods are ‘retail-worthy’,
  • we list all the components
  • we tell you if something is missing (and the cost to replace it if needed)
  • we check / test appliances unless the box is still sealed
  • we offer a 3-month warranty if there is a problem

Our ‘Still In The Box’ items extend  beyond standard IT equipment and can include appliances, tv’s, modems, jewellery, office goods, kitchenware etc and can include great brands such as Kitchen Aid, Morphy Richards, Kenwood, Dyson, Lenovo, HP and more.  

Check our STIB shop on our eBay Store

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